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Auto Theft Claims


Here in South Florida, auto theft is a significant problem. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there were 605 auto thefts reported for every 100,000 people living in Miami in 2009. Sometimes the vehicle is recovered, but many times it is not. If your vehicle is stolen, you should immediately report the theft to law enforcement and to your auto insurance company. Make sure you also immediately report all equipment and contents which were within your vehicle at the time of the theft. If you maintained comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for the loss of your vehicle, equipment and contents, and may also be entitled to vehicle rental. Sometimes, after an auto theft claim is reported, your insurance company may initiate an "investigation" to determine if you were complicate in the theft (believing you may have either committed the theft or worked with someone else in arranging your vehicle's disappearance). The insurance company's belief may or may not be reasonable. During this "investigation", the insurance company may require you to produce documents, provide sworn written material or provide them sworn testimony. If your insurance company requires you do so, you should immediately seek the advice of an attorney. An insurance company can deny your claim for failure to cooperate with its investigation if you do not meet its requirements to its satisfaction, even if the requirements are unreasonable or unjustified. Also, your insurance company may be making demands of you which are impossible to comply with or are unreasonable and harassing. For example, the insurance company may demand years of income tax returns or cellular telephone records under the threat that your claim will not be paid if the items are not produced. You should always consult an attorney experienced in car theft claims if you become the subject of this type of "investigation".

If your auto insurance is not properly covering the damages or losses caused by auto theft, you must contact a Florida auto theft insurance attorney to resolve the issue .

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