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Theft Claims in Florida

Florida Insurance Dispute Attorney

Theft can happen almost anywhere. Establishments, homes and cars can be broken into and valuable possession stolen. Many policies should cover their clients in the case of theft, but insurance companies may not honor their contracts or could make it difficult for you to get the compensation for your lost possessions easily. Thefts are unforeseeable and can cause real financial difficulties if the stolen property is not recompensed fairly. Insurance companies design contracts for their clients to protect themselves in times such as these.

Insurance companies may exercise bad faith by doing any of the following when you try to file a theft claim:

  • Failing to pay for your losses
  • Trying to pay out less than your property was worth
  • Giving you trouble in collecting your rightful compensation

You should seek fair restitution, and my associates can help if your home insurance claims are unjustly denied. If you are a victim of a theft but have not received the compensation you deserve, then contact my firm, Diamond Law, P.A. for help with your insurance dispute.

Searching for a lawyer for a theft insurance claim in Coral Gables?

You should receive the compensation you deserve the first time around. Your legal contract with your insurance provider was violated when they refused to pay your claim.

How Can I Help You?

I, Joshua Diamond, will personally:

  • review your policy
  • evaluate your stolen possessions
  • evaluate their value to determine a proper compensation price for you

I have extensive experience working with the insurance industry. As a Florida insurance attorney I have reviewed and evaluated thousands of policies, and am extremely qualified to address your insurance claim issue. I go up against insurance companies head-on and fight for you right to the insurance payment you deserve.

My aggressive approach in resolving these issues has garnered my firm a reputation as a top insurance claim law firm, and recognized as a "Super Lawyers Rising Star". You do not deserve to be treated poorly by a company you were faithfully paying.

No more claim delays and denials!

The financial strain when you can't get your insurance payment for your lost possessions can make life difficult, as well as being frustrating and unfair. I will personally not accept any legal fees unless a successful negotiation or victory in court is achieved. I, Joshua, am here to protect the rights of consumers like you. You paid for your insurance, and now they need to treat you fairly and I can help in persuading them to do so.

With theft claims, the insurance companies attempt to pay as little or nothing at all by requiring documents and information that you cannot or may not want to provide. This includes tax statements, payroll stubs, and other personal and confidential documents. The insurance company banks on the fact that you cannot or will not secure and provide this information, thus allowing them to deny the claim for lack of cooperation on your behalf. I can assist you with this and fight back to obtain the most favorable result. To learn more information about a Florida insurance lawyer and the industry, check out my insurance blog for updates and current events.

Contact a Florida insurance attorney at my firm today if your insurance company is not paying you fairly for your losses from theft. My firm offers s free case evaluation to all prospective clients.

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