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Florida Commercial Insurance Claims Attorney

Receive less compensation than you anticipated?

Business owners often carry higher liabilities than most homeowners. The presence of merchandise, company cars and other products require higher levels of insurance and expensive policies. Establishment owners expect their insurance providers to treat them fairly, listen to their concerns and compensate their losses as agreed to in their contracts.

If you are a commercial property owner and have received much less than anticipated or are having difficulty getting the compensation you should, then it is in your best interest to contact me, Attorney Diamond. I can provide you with professional legal representation to get a resolution that is fair from your insurance provider.

Defending Your Rights As a Commercial Entity

Searching for an attorney for a commercial insurance case in Coral Gables? At Diamond Law, P.A., I have extensive experience in resolving commercial insurance claims. You are entitled to fair compensation for your damages and every form of payment that your policy covers. You pay premiums for protection from property damage, theft, roof damage, water damage and fires. Insurance companies should honor the contracts and policies by providing you with respectful service and the correct level of compensation. Damage to your business can bring financial problems that absolutely must be resolved, and in a timely manner. An insurance attorney from my firm will review your claim and every line of your contract to determine your rights and what should be done to get your claim paid out fairly.

Florida Super Lawyers® Rising Stars

In light of my success in insurance negotiation and litigation, I have been selected for inclusion in the Florida list of Super Lawyers® Rising Stars. I know how to press insurance companies for my clients, and if they fail to come through in a timely manner, I can file an insurance claim against them on your behalf. I demand fair treatment and resolution for my commercial clients, and I can help you get your claim resolved.

Your financial situation may be in jeopardy because of the unexpected payments your insurance provider failed to cover. I make it a point not to charge any client a fee unless their claim is successfully negotiated or won in court.

Contact me, Joshua Diamond, if your business did not receive rightful compensation or if your claim was denied. My firm offers a free case evaluation to all potential clients.

Recent Case Results

Fighting For Our Clients
  • $631,180 Fallen Staircase
  • $602,000 Shooting Incident
  • $540,000 Epidural Hematoma
  • $453,000 Boat Collision
  • Jury Verdict for $228,000 Ceiling Collapse
  • $225,000 Defective Ladder
  • Arbitration award: $225,000 MLB Grievance
  • $175,000 Fractured Femur
  • $130,000 Ramp Slip
  • $125,000 Hurrican Wilma Roof Damage