Handling Insurance & Personal Injury Claims Throughout Miami, Coral Gables and the Rest of South Florida

Qualified legal advocates are hard to come by these days. You need to find a lawyer who will vigorously protect your rights and best interests.

Here at Diamond Law, P.A., I am dedicated to serving Florida families in a wide range of insurance and injury claims. Standing up to the insurance companies can be scary, but you deserve the very best and not the lowest possible settlement.

When you work with my firm, you can feel confident knowing that I will work to obtain the most favorable outcome in your case. My accomplished team has been addressing legal issues surrounding insurance coverage and personal injury litigation since 1997.

I have the proven track record of success and the knowledge of the industry to represent you in any insurance dispute or injury claim.

Has Your Insurance Company Ignored or Denied Your Claim?

You work hard to provide for your family and have taken measures to protect your assets, including insurance policies to ensure that you are protected in the event of an accident or disaster that can happen to anyone at any time.

When you have faithfully paid your premiums, you expect your insurer to be there when you need them most.

When you and your family are forced to deal with a crisis, the stress and anxiety can be compounded when an insurance company:

  • Denies a claim
  • Refuses to make a payment
  • Or makes an inadequate settlement offer

In some cases, an insurance company will even completely ignore you and your claim. If you are facing any insurance dispute, you need to contact my firm today.

Resolving Insurance Disputes in Florida

As a selected attorney on the Florida list of 2011 Florida Super Lawyers® Rising Stars and a member of the American Association for Justice, I passionately care about and protect the rights of my clients.

I understand that large insurance companies can be difficult and insurance law is complex. I also understand what my clients are going through when their insurance company lets them down when they needed them the most.

My firm is ready to work with you to stand up to insurance companies and fight for the results you deserve. I can thoroughly evaluate your case to help you determine your options. My firm may be able to help you resolve your insurance claim and achieve the most favorable result possible.

So if you are in need of compensation and your insurance company has denied, delayed or underpaid your claim, you have the right to take legal action. My firm can help you hold your insurance company accountable in order to ensure that you get the full settlement that you deserve.

If you are involved in an insurance dispute or if your insurer is not treating you fairly, contact a Florida insurance claims attorney.

Coral Gables Personal Injury Attorney

Have you or a loved one been injured in a serious accident? If the accident or act of negligence was someone else's fault, then you may be able to seek restitution for your injuries.

Under Florida law, personal injury victims and their families may be eligible for compensation if they have suffered injuries due to:

  • Negligence
  • Malpractice
  • Or any other wrongful conduct

The problem is that insurance companies don't like to pay out the full amount of compensation that injury victims are legally entitled to. That is where I come in! My firm has been handling personal injury claims for 16+ years; I know what it takes to recover a fair settlement. I'm not afraid to go up against large insurance companies and will strive to obtain justice.

Often, injuries cause physical, emotional, and psychological damage; they also create financial burdens for the victims and their families.

My firm can work to have you reimbursed for all of your:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • And any other damages that you accrued as a result of your injuries

When you work with my firm, I relentlessly pursue justice on your behalf.

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