Case Results

Whether you have been injured in an accident and need to recover compensation from the liable party, or you are in a dispute with your insurance company regarding your coverage or their bad faith practices, you need the help of an attorney. Review some of my past case results and know you are in the best hands possible.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes BMW Stolen
      BMW Stolen Claim paid in full

      Client's BMW was stolen from their driveway and recovered in New York, damaged and altered. Insurer refused to pay the claim for the vehicle, as well as for expenses incurred by client in retrieving the vehicle from New York, alleging client was involved in the theft.

    • Personal Injury Epidural Hematoma
      Epidural Hematoma $540,000

      11 year old suffers an epidural hematoma while jumping from bunk bed to bunk bed at summer camp.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Car Theft
      Car Theft Claim Paid in Full

      Client's vehicle was stolen from a shopping center in Miami and never recovered. Insurer refused to pay collision claim, continually stating over several months that it was investigating the theft loss. Insurer also requested various private documents from client, including tax returns and months of cellular telephone records, and accused client of breaching his obligations under the insurance contract by failing to cooperate with its investigation and provide the documents.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Home Burglarized
      Home Burglarized Claim Paid in Full

      Client's home was burglarized, resulting in loss of personal property, such as jewelry and electronics. Insurer refused to pay for the property, alleging it did not exist.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Stolen Vehicle
      Stolen Vehicle Claim Paid in Full

      Client's vehicle was stolen from a supermarket in Miami Beach and never recovered. Insurer refused to provide adequate payment for loss of vehicle under client's collision coverage.

    • Personal Injury Fractured Femur
      Fractured Femur $175,000

      86 year old woman suffers fractured femur while orderly is transferring her from wheelchair to car upon discharge from hospital.

    • Personal Injury Ramp Slip
      Ramp Slip $130,000

      36 year old man slips on ramp between cruise ship and tender craft resulting in torn quadriceps tendons.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Hurrican Wilma Roof Damage
      Hurrican Wilma Roof Damage $125,000

      Hurricane Wilma related homeowner's policy claim disputing amount of insurer's payment for storm related roof damage.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Motor Vehicle Collisions
      Motor Vehicle Collisions Claim Paid in Full

      Client's Jaguar was involved in a motor vehicle collision. Insurer denied claim for loss of Jaguar alleging client cancelled his policy for the Jaguar a week before the crash.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Smoke & Water Damage
      Smoke & Water Damage $64,000

      Smoke and water damage to one bedroom condo unit and its contents due to fire in a neighboring unit.

    • Personal Injury Boat Collision
      Boat Collision $453,000

      Boat collision in Biscayne Bay resulting in multiple injuries.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Hurricane Wilma
      Hurricane Wilma Claim paid in full

      Hurricane Wilma caused severe damage to client's roof and, due to the insurer's refusal to pay for the damage over several years, home had severe mold issue. Insurer denied claim, alleging roof damage was not related to Hurricane.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Vehicle Stolen
      Vehicle Stolen Claim Paid in Full

      Client's vehicle was stolen from her place of business and later found on fire in a canal. Insurer refused to pay, alleging client was involved in the theft.

    • Personal Injury Defective Ladder
      Defective Ladder $225,000

      53 year old man falls from defective ladder resulting in multiple pelvic fractures.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Commercial Yard Burglarized
      Commercial Yard Burglarized Claim Paid in Full

      Commercial Marine Vessel Repair Company's yard was burglarized resulting in the loss of a substantial amount of tools and equipment. Insurer disputed the existence, number and quality of tools and equipment claimed.

    • Personal Injury Defective Ladder
      Defective Ladder $75,000

      48 year old man fell from a defective fixed ladder resulting in a leg fracture.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes MLB Grievance
      MLB Grievance Arbitration award: $225,000

      Major League Baseball Players Association grievance brought by agent for representation fees pursuant to contract with a professional baseball player.

    • Personal Injury Construction Area Fall
      Construction Area Fall $80,000

      49 year old woman falls in construction area with inadequate pedestrian protection.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Engine Fail
      Engine Fail Claim Paid in Full

      Trucking company's engine in reefer trailer failed, resulting in $25,000 loss of ice cream. Insurer accused company of causing loss by failing to properly fuel the engine.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Car Engine Hydro-Locked
      Car Engine Hydro-Locked Jury Verdict for $5,000

      Client’s car engine hydro-locked and was damaged beyond repair after she drove through standing water during a rainstorm. Insurer denied Client’s comprehensive coverage claim in its entirety, claiming the engine was not damaged by water.

    • Personal Injury Shooting Incident
      Shooting Incident $602,000

      Multiple claims arising from shooting incident. Negligent security/premises liability against homeowner.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Motorcycle Death
      Motorcycle Death Claim Paid in Full

      Clients' father was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a van. Insurer denied coverage for damages resulting from the father's death, claiming the crash was not covered.

    • Personal Injury Fallen Staircase
      Fallen Staircase $631,180

      Metal staircase fell on client, causing fractures in his foot an ankle which required surgery.

    • Insurance Claims Disputes Ceiling Collapse
      Ceiling Collapse Jury Verdict for $228,000

      Client’s ceiling in his home collapsed after becoming detached from the home’s roof trusses because the trusses were devoured by a Formosan termite colony hidden in his attic. Homeowners insurer denied coverage for the claim in its entirety.