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Florida Insurance Lawyer Recovering Money for Damages

Searching for an attorney for an auto insurance claim in Coral Gables? Insurance companies are large corporations in business for one purpose, to make a profit. They are focused on reducing what they pay out in auto insurance claims. You should contact an experienced law firm to help you receive a fair settlement on your claim. If you have already been through the red tape, phone calls, fill out forms, obtained appraisals, provided documents and your insurance company still will not offer you a reasonable settlement, you may find yourself in an insurance dispute. I have been effectively assisting my clients since 1997, so they can receive maximum benefits for their auto insurance claims. I have the hard-hitting negotiation skills and aggressive litigation experience needed to successfully represent you in a determined effort to achieve a settlement that will cover your losses.

Insurance companies often discourage people from retaining the services of a lawyer in any settlement process. The truth is that the insurance companies have lawyers on staff to aggressively protect their bottom line. You deserve a tenacious insurance attorney from my firm to aggressively protect your rights and best interests. My firm will carefully evaluate your case and your policy to determine your legal options.

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A "No-Fault" Auto Insurance State

In the sunny state of Florida, all motorists are required to have auto insurance in the event of an accident. By having collision insurance, liability insurance and medical insurance, you can protect yourself from possible financial liabilities after an accident. With a "no-fault" state like Florida, it does not matter who was at fault for the accident because each driver's respectable insurance company will pay for their damages. On the other hand, with an "at-fault" state, the negligent party will be responsible for paying the damages of both parties. No-fault insurance is intended to keep auto collisions and other traffic accidents out of the courtrooms in order to avoid any further cost. Determining who is at fault is always half the battle and that process can be very time consuming. With no-fault insurance you can be compensated faster and skip the step of proving liability.

You may be thinking, what happens when my car is a total loss? In situations when your car is irreparably damaged, and the costs to fix it exceed the total value of your car, then it is considered to be a "total loss." In situations like these, your insurance should pay you the current fair market value of your car so you can sell it and put the money towards another vehicle.

When dealing with auto insurance claims, it is very important that you understand the laws of the state in which you live. It is also critical that you purchase an insurance policy that full covers your specific needs so that you are fully covered in the event of an auto collision.

Reasons for Auto Insurance Claim Denials

Insurance companies occasionally deny policy holder claims, when they are legally responsible to pay for it. There are only a select number of situations when your insurance can legally deny your claim, even if you weren't at fault.

The main reasons for denial include:

  • If you fail to adhere to the proper claim reporting procedures that are explained in your insurance policy, like missing a deadline (ex: reporting your accident within a certain period of time)
  • When the location of your vehicle does not match the original vehicle location in your contract (where you keep your car can affect your insurance premiums)
  • If they find out that you made any false or misleading statements when you signed up for your policy. Also, if you fail to keep them updated with important information, like when you move, then they may deny you coverage.

Helping Clients with Auto Insurance Coverage

Even if you follow all prescribed procedures you may be offered an unreasonable settlement from your insurance company. I will tirelessly fight for your rights and the settlement that you are entitled to. My firm may be able to help you understand the terms and conditions of your particular insurance policy and to make sure that your claim is properly documented and submitted. I can vigorously negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and take them to court if necessary. Put my proven record of success and extensive knowledge to work for you when you are seeking a resolution to your insurance dispute.

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