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Repair Option/Right to Repair Cases

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In Florida, insurance companies are more frequently electing a repair option, invoking a “right to repair” or offering “repair options” or “repair programs”.

What Is a Repair Demand by Insurers in Florida?

The insurance company sends you a letter explaining that you are contractually required to permit the insurer’s contractors into your home to fix your home at the insurance company’s direction.

Repair Programs Offered by Insurers in Florida Might Include an Election on Your Part

The insurance company might ask you to make a choice:

  • The insurance company offers to fix your home with its contractors and at its direction
  • or the insurance company offers to pay you money to fix your home yourself, but only up to a $10,000 limit, regardless of the amount of money needed to actually fix your home

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In situations like this, public adjusters might decline your claim because of an inability to provide you the assistance you need when confronted with a claim where an insurance company has insisted on repairing your home or you are faced with making a repair option.

This homeowner is typically left to judge the circumstances and insurance company offer on their own and deal with an insurance company alone. In this circumstance, there is presented both a high likelihood of case complication and homeowner dissatisfaction.

How Diamond Law, P.A. Can Help

At Diamond Law, P.A., my legal team is dedicated to helping clients through thick and thin, guiding them to the correct choice and fighting for their rights whenever necessary. If you are considering a repair option for water damage claims, I, Florida insurance claims Attorney Joshua Diamond, can provide legal guidance as to whether accepting an offer of a quick $10,000 is in your interest.

If your insurance company has demanded you allow its contractors fix your home, I can provide legal guidance as to your rights when an insurance company makes such a demand, as well as how to make sure your home restored to its pre-loss condition without unreasonable delay.

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If an insurance company repairs your home, and it’s repair is not good or complete, a victory in court could lead to significant compensation. It will be my role as a Florida insurance lawyer to do everything within my power to ensure you get the right amount of coverage and adequate repairs to your home.

When matters have been mishandled by your insurer, I am more than prepared to take the case to court and fight tooth-and-nail for your maximized compensation. I have handled complex litigation with a focus on insurance cases and personal injury claims since 1997, providing me with knowledge and insight into right to repair claim nuances that most other law firms simply cannot assert.

For more information about my services and your options in a right to repair case, you can contact me at any time to set up a free case evaluation.

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