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Florida Cargo Loss Claim Lawyer

Lose cargo during your shipment?

Large amounts of cargo are shipped around the United States every day. Freight, manufacturing and even retail companies may obtain insurance to cover any cargo that is lost in transit. The value of the cargo varies upon each case but insurance policies clearly outline how much is to be compensated. Insurance companies may try to pay out far less than expected, and could tell you that you did not have the coverage you believed you had. This is unacceptable. Insurance companies should be held responsible for the contracts they designed and agreed to. I, Joshua Diamond, can provide you with dedicated legal representation if you have lost cargo and did not receive proper compensation for it.

Diamond Law, P.A. was founded to protect individuals from insurance companies and their efforts to avoid honoring their policies. I understand the stress and pressure you may be experiencing. Losing products or cargo is hard enough, but lack of financial protection from your insurance provider can only make matters worse. A Florida insurance lawyer can represent you throughout the entire litigation process involving your insurance dispute. I will review your insurance contracts line by line and go after the compensation you expected and deserve. Cargo insurance was created for the sole purpose of protecting those who pay their premiums and abide by the contract. Failure to honor that promise is irresponsible and unjust. My firm has won numerous cases and is a member of both the Florida Bar and Coral Gables Bar Association. I have won numerous claims for my clients and I intend to do the same for you.

Florida Insurance Attorney Protecting Your Best Interests

Need an attorney for a cargo loss claim in Coral Gables, FL? Your insurance company may not honor their word, but I will. My firm usually does not collect a fee unless your case is negotiated successfully or won. I do not believe in taking payment directly from the client in most instances unless your claim is resolved. I stand by my clients every step of the way and we will take an aggressive approach in negotiation or litigation. My experience in the industry allows us to take on large insurance companies successfully, and you will have the best possible legal representation in a cargo loss claim.

Contact a Florida insurance dispute attorney today if you have lost cargo and have had your claim ignored, denied or undercut by your insurance company. Call my Florida firm today at (888) 591-0233 to discuss your claim.

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