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Hurricane Season Preparation


Hurricane season is upon us again and will stay with us until November 30. Homeowners and renters should make sure they have ample coverage for both the structure of their home and their personal property within the home. Obviously, it is a great idea to keep all the receipts for the property you have purchased. However, understanding that most of us do not keep every receipt, it is important to keep record of your personal property so that if something should happen you can prove what you own. As a result, make and keep a written inventory of your belongings, making sure you include make and model information. It is also a great idea to take photos or video of your personal property, especially the expensive items. After you have made a record of your property and taken photos or video, make sure you keep them in a safe place somewhere other than inside your home.

If your homeowners insurance is not properly covering the damages or losses to your home or property, you must contact a Florida homeowners insurance attorney to resolve the issue .

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