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How Can an Insurance Attorney Help?

Understanding the Need for an Insurance Lawyer

Insurance companies can be very complicated and often abandon their good faith agreement with their clients. They are not the type of organization that you should count as loyal, dependable or trustworthy by any means. When it comes to insurance disputes there are confusing forms, a frustrating amount of paperwork and a lack of compassion from the firm itself. This can be especially discouraging if the matter of insurance deals with an untimely death, physical injury or a loss of your personal property.

You are already dealing with a lot to have to add more disheartening issues with your insurance company to your everyday life. Making a claim against them can be a lengthy and intricate process that must be handled with finesse, professionalism and skill. Let Diamond Law, P.A. come to your aid in these times of trouble and allow a legal professional to carry the burden of dealing with the situations at hand.

There are countless reasons that you may have to settle an insurance claim in Florida such as hurricane damage, theft, fire damage and automobile accidents. Just as equally, there are many complications with each case and your rightful claim to certain moneys may be being inhibited due to a lack of legal representation. Statutes of limitation are often in place to determine how long you have to follow up on a claim. It is crucial to work within those statutes and act quickly; otherwise it may be too late to receive any compensation.

I, Attorney Diamond, have been helping individuals and businesses resolve their disputes since 1997, and will work with you to coordinate a clean and simple way for you to obtain your rightful claim and move on with your life. Let me worry about the complex legal paperwork and the short legal deadlines so you don’t have to. If your insurance company is failing to pay for your claim or is postponing payments and delaying the process, my legal team will put the necessary pressure on them to help speed along the process and recover the money rightfully owed to you.

With cases of this nature, it is vital to have an assertive legal advocate by your side to protect your rights and your best interests. Not many other attorneys can truly say that they have the best interests of their client at heart. I am intimately familiar with insurance law and have ample experience handling negotiations with insurance companies. Let me fight this battle on your behalf and make sure that all your bases are covered.

Depending on the insurance issue at hand I will know how much monetary settlement you should ask for and work vigorously to attain the best outcome for your case. With a focus on insurance claims, my firm has the experience, the skills and the resources necessary to help turn your objectives into a reality. Having a hard-hitting attorney fighting in your corner can help maximize the benefits in your case. Insurance companies have a team of attorneys to defend them in cases of this nature so don’t go up against them without the proper legal protection. My firm is driven to produce results so let our knowledge and expertise work for you!

Obtain an Assertive Legal Ally in Your Time of Need

After fighting for people's claims since 1997, I acquired broad experience in the laws of insurance. Named as a "Super Lawyers Rising Star" in 2011 and a member of many associations for justice in the Florida region, I am committed to doing what is right. My firm can help carry your dispute to a place of resolution by providing his legal expertise in a wide variety of cases. By taking my time and giving special attention to each individual case, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands and that I will do my very best to obtain a favorable outcome. You will not be left in the dark as I work with you because it is important to me that you be involved in every step along the way.

Be sure to contact me, Joshua Diamond, today for assistance in tackling the difficulties of dealing with an insurance company. Don't hesitate to call right away!

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