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Fair Compensation for Hurricane Sandy Damage Claims


With the current damage of Hurricane Sandy, the devastating aftermath of the storm has left parts of the east coast in ruin. According to a recent story in the Huffington post, Hurricane Sandy is to blame for nearly $62 billion in damage and losses to the United States and at least $315 in damages to the Caribbean. In total, Sandy killed around 125 people nationwide and destroyed hundreds of thousands homes and businesses. The high wind rate was strong enough to tear holes in the rooftops and knock trees over and the vast amount of water flooded so many buildings. The rate of destruction potential for Sandy reached a total of 5.8 on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scale, which only goes from 0 to 6. That makes Hurricane Sandy the highest storm ever measured.

Now the citizens of the east coast are reaching out to the government and the insurance companies for financial aid for all of the hurricane damage they have suffered. There are thousands of National Flood Insurance claims being filed and this is the time when the insurance companies are tested to portray good faith and fair treatment. Unfortunately, I have been hearing about many instances where insurance companies act in bad faith and misconduct and policyholders are complaining for the lack of support. The problem is that many insurance claim adjusters are trying to justify their actions and it may be time for someone to step in and take legal action.

Here at Diamond Law, P.A., I understand that these matters are time sensitive and I am here to help ensure that you receive the full amount of compensation that you deserve. As a loyal policyholder, fair compensation it is not too much to expect from your insurance company. As an experienced Florida insurance attorney, I will relentlessly seek justice on your behalf and I will go after prompt payment of your financial benefits. Call for a free consultation today!

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