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Condominium Unit and Apartment Loss of Use Claims


Here in South Florida, a lot of us live in multi-unit or high rise condominium or rental units. Frequently, an accident or unfortunate event that occurs in another unit affects the ability of those living in the surrounding units to continue using their units. A broken water pipe in one unit can cause flooding and water intrusion in units many floors below that unit and even a small fire can adversely affect a large number of units in a building. This is exactly why it is essential to maintain homeowners insurance or renters insurance on your unit. Even if your unit is not directly damaged by the adverse event, the event may result in your inability to use your unit. For example, a flood or fire may result in loss of power, water and elevators in the building. This type of loss is referred to as a "loss of use" damage, and there is frequently coverage for this type of loss in both homeowners insurance policies and renters insurance policies. Many times an insurance company will refuse to pay for this loss, stating that the loss will not be paid because what caused your "loss of use" is excluded from coverage. For example, the insurance company might say an electrical outage resulted from a voluntary shutdown of power. Insurance policy language can be difficult to understand and sometimes an exclusion may not apply, depending on the factual circumstances surrounding the power outage. If an insurer denies your claim for "loss of use" or actual damage to your unit, it is very important that you seek help from an attorney experienced in reviewing and understanding homeowners insurance policies and renters insurance policies to investigate and determine whether you are entitled to such coverage despite the insurance c ompany's refusal to compensate you.

If your homeowners insurance is not properly covering your "loss of use" of, or damage to, your condominium unit or rental unit, you must contact a Florida homeowners insurance attorney to resolve the issue.

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