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Insurance Companies Stalk Clients on Facebook


It has been an obvious fact that most employers will search for potential employees on Facebook before hiring to see how they represent themselves. There has recently been a new investigation into the fact that insurance companies are using social media sites like Facebook to check in on their clients with disabilities. It is their desire to find out information about their disabled customers that could lead to being able to deny their claims.

They look for pictures and status updates that could indicate that the customer is in actuality not as inactive as they say they are. Without a doubt, it is an evasion of privacy and an inaccurate method of finding out information. Most disabled clients would not have pictures posted on their sites that show them aching, laid up in bed or sick. Pictures can be taken out of context and make it look as if they are not deserving of receiving disability. Even simple status updates saying things such as "I'm doing better today" could misrepresent the way in which insurance companies view their customers. These insurance companies are operating on a bad faith policy and can be fought against. You are not powerless against their allegations.

For this reason, it is a good idea to consider watching your own personal Facebook or social media sites if you are receiving any form of disability. If the insurance company that you personally are involved with places a false charge against you, it is wise to contact one of our lawyers at Diamond Law, P.A. immediately.

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