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Controversial Lawsuit with Progressive Insurance Company


On June 19, 2010 a young girl was killed in a car accident driving through Baltimore when she was hit by an oncoming driver. The girl had the right of way when the other car came barreling through the red light and collided with her vehicle. The witness testimonials and all the evidence show that it seems the other driver was at fault and the girl had a green light yet this tragedy has had some shocking turns and twists that no one could see coming.

When the family pursued a settlement claim with their auto insurance company for the loss of their loved one, Progressive gave then an insufficiently low amount of compensation. The family was very discouraged and their insurance company didn't seem to budge to they went after the other driver with full force. It turns out the driver responsible for her death was underinsured. The victim had an insurance policy that covered accidents with underinsured drivers yet that didn't stop Progressive from acting in bad faith.

As the family went through with the legal proceedings they were not necessarily angry with the other driver, they came to understand that it was a tragic accident but they pursued a civil suit against him in hopes that Progressive would pay out the amount they were entitled to. They came to find that at the trial, Progressive Insurance was actually going to be defending the other driver. Needless to say, this story has received a lot of public disclosure and caused quite a frenzy with insured clients under Progressive. The insurance company has put out a number of empathetic tweets directed to those affected by the tragedy and has put out a public statement in their defense.

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