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Dealing with an insurance claim can be a difficult undertaking. If you are trying to resolve an auto insurance claim, hurricane damage claim, sinkhole damage claim or any type of insurance dispute and are looking for legal counsel in the Miami area, I can help. I am an insurance dispute attorney who represents homeowners, drivers, commercial property owners and others in insurance claims and disputes in and around Miami and throughout Florida. I am completely dedicated to ensuring that the big insurance companies uphold their obligation to resolve claims fairly and in a timely manner.

The last thing you should have to worry about, when you are already faced with serious injuries or property damage is getting your insurance claim paid. You have paid your premiums for a reason: to make sure that your losses would be covered in the event of an accident, natural disaster or other scenario that has left you injured and your property damaged, missing or destroyed. Some insurance companies, however, may unfairly deny or delay payment of your claim. They may try to retroactively cancel your policy. The most common scenario is a settlement offer that is unfairly low. Without a lawyer to review the settlement offer, a claimant may feel that the offer is fair or that he or she has no other option but to accept.

Handling Insurance Claims & Disputes in the Miami Area

I offer experience and dedication to my clients. I have been handling insurance disputes for more than 14 years, representing claimants and policyholders in order to help them seek fair settlements. I can handle virtually any type of insurance claim in the Miami area, whether it involves water damage, roof damage, theft, cargo loss, lightning damage or a car accident with an uninsured motorist.

Recovering a fair settlement for your insurance claim may make all the difference in your ability to achieve and maintain financial stability in spite of the property you have lost, damage you have had to repair, or medical bills you have had to pay. Instead of being taken advantage of by a big insurance company that is only out to make a profit, work with my firm and take a proactive approach so you can seek the money you rightfully deserve. I offer a free consultation to talk about your claim and how I can assist you.

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Recent Case Results

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  • $631,180 Fallen Staircase
  • $602,000 Shooting Incident
  • $540,000 Epidural Hematoma
  • $453,000 Boat Collision
  • Jury Verdict for $228,000 Ceiling Collapse
  • $225,000 Defective Ladder
  • Arbitration award: $225,000 MLB Grievance
  • $175,000 Fractured Femur
  • $130,000 Ramp Slip
  • $125,000 Hurrican Wilma Roof Damage