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If you are currently struggling with an insurance dispute, it is important to weigh your legal options. If the insurance company is actively trying to find ways to delay payment, deny coverage, or offer you the lowest settlement possible, it is possible that they are actually acting illegally.

My name is Josh Diamond and I am an accomplished lawyer who has been working in the insurance field for more than 14 years. In the time that I have handled these claims, I have become extremely familiar with how the insurance companies operate. I know what to expect and how to put the proper amount of pressure in order to seek fair treatment for my client. If the insurance company simply will not cooperate, I have the resources and tenacity to move forward with a lawsuit against the provider. My goal in every claim I handle is to seek maximum compensation for my client, whether this is accomplished through negotiation or litigation. I represent clients throughout Florida, including in Miami, Coral Gables and the entire state.

Relentless Pursuit of Justice & Restitution

There are a number of scenarios that may leave a person dealing with an insurance claim. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, lightning, rain and sinkholes are a primary concern in Florida, as are auto insurance claims from car accidents and claims related to car theft. In all of these cases, your financial security and future may be riding upon the timely and fair payment of your claim. That is why I am committed to helping claimants, beneficiaries and policyholders recover the money they rightfully deserve.

The last thing you deserve, after faithfully paying premiums, is to be treated unfairly when you need your claim paid. Many policyholders are simply unaware of their rights and may feel that their only option is to accept the settlement offered by the insurance provider. Retaining legal counsel, however, can give a policyholder the edge he or she needs to stand up against the big insurance company, holding them accountable for their conduct. Whether you live in the Miami area or are looking for assistance anywhere else in the state, feel free to contact my firm.

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Recent Case Results

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  • $631,180 Fallen Staircase
  • $602,000 Shooting Incident
  • $540,000 Epidural Hematoma
  • $453,000 Boat Collision
  • Jury Verdict for $228,000 Ceiling Collapse
  • $225,000 Defective Ladder
  • Arbitration award: $225,000 MLB Grievance
  • $175,000 Fractured Femur
  • $130,000 Ramp Slip
  • $125,000 Hurrican Wilma Roof Damage